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Capture the impact of Terry Bradford. Irrepressible. Irresistible. His force is palpable.

The music - a tantalizing fusion of pop, soul, R&B, with a touch of classical opera for good measure. The voice – distinctively versatile, with an expansive range and extraordinary agility. And the man…a musician who transcends industry packaging, with uncommon charisma and a pulsating exuberance for life, and a single-minded focus on creating unity through music. Terry has the uncanny ability to reach out and seize his audience in heart and mind, moment after moment, every single performance. And, he gives you permission to be free.

Widely recognized as Celine Dion’s duet partner for 5 years, Terry Bradford has broken through as a solo recording artist and performer. His third CD, “unanimous”, is a compelling and joyous musical cocktail, each piece an enticing gem that celebrates life. Equally adept with synthesizer and acoustic instrumentation, Terry’s music has the listener dancing in exhilaration one minute, and shaken to the core the next.

Terry has an impressive range of other performance, recording, video, movie, television, and songwriting credits to his name. He performed duets with Linda Ronstadt during her Millenium Tour, and has sung with Whitney Houston, Elton John, Patti LaBelle, Teddy Pendergrass, Lionel Ritchie, and Bruce Willis. Terry’s also recorded with Celine Dion, Ricky Martin, Annie Lennox, and Cher among others, and worked on movie soundtracks such as “The Lion King”, “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, “Mystery Men”, “200 Cigarettes”, and “Amistad”. Terry’s voice also appears on such television shows as “The Rugrats”, “Any Day Now”, and “City of Angels”. Terry is perhaps best known to television audiences around the world as the 1990 Star Search Male Vocalist Champion.

Strongly influenced by his grandmother, a self-taught pianist and vocalist, Terry began his music training at a mere 3 years of age, when “Granny” plopped him in front of her big, old upright. Terry was a precocious youngster, accompanying Granny’s solos at church and performing in the Gospel tradition. Too tiny to reach the piano pedals but possessing a keen sense of musicality, Terry compensated for his small stature by holding down the piano keys with his child-sized fingers, to create the sustained sound necessary for the piece.

Music quickly became the center of Terry’s life’s work, both in school and out. By age 9, Terry was the pianist and director for his church choir, and had begun composing music. With his trademark untamed hair and innate grace towards humanity, Terry was an easy mark for school bullies. Rather than respond with bitterness, Terry used these experiences to gain insight into personal motivations and needs, lessons that continue to affect his music today. And, he began to understand the mesmerizing power of music on the human condition.

As a teenager and young man, Terry was handpicked to study voice with notable vocal teachers in the Florida region, and later with Seth Riggs in Los Angeles (vocal trainer for Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Barbara Streisand, among other famous singers). He continued his vocal and piano studies in college. Los Angeles quickly recognized Terry’s irrepressible talent. Working with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Terry began writing and recording gospel and R&B music. He joined the PTL Singers with Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, and even developed an award-winning syndicated program showcasing his own gospel music. Later, Terry toured with Debbie Boone and then Debbie Gibson.

From this remarkable beginning, Terry began his transformation into the enigmatic and vibrant musician with universal appeal. Allow his music to cascade over you. His goal? To make us dance, to make us think, to inspire us to discover the best in ourselves … those things that make us “unanimous.”

Terry Bradford. Free yourself (but wear your seatbelt).

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